her daughter sat

Jan 19, 2016
# # Legal Evening News (text / Reporter Hung snow) just for fun, and Zhang in the 90 after a motorcycle with his girlfriend on the way home, the bus actually to within three car spray "anti-wolf spray", which a driver can not eyes, poor breathing, passenger discomfort, but fortunately the driver did not stop in time have serious consequences. Reporters learned that morning,http://www.rockclimbing.com, the court held that Zhang constitutes endangering public safety and sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years.
The court found that at 17:00 on September 8, 2014, Zhang was driving a motorcycle along Xidan North Avenue intersection north to south line to the Xuanwumen process, sprayed irritant gas to three buses respectively.
He sprayed irritant gas into the 608 bus near the driver's seat compartment, causing the driver side is temporarily unable to open some eyes, shortness of breath, forced the temporary suspension of service buses, causing eye and throat discomfort number of passengers; to 109 spray inside the bus compartment irritant gases,http://portal.dl.saga-u.ac.jp,moncler outlet, caused by number of passengers unwell; waiting for the red light to the 102 bus car sprayed irritant gas,http://dietexperience.seesaa.net, resulting in the driver Lee eye irritation, shortness of breath, the number of passengers sick.
Zhang's girlfriend, Wang said, the afternoon she and Zhang Zhang from nearby shoe store out in the Drum Tower, Zhang gave her a can of pepper spray, and then take her back to Zhang Zhang riding a motorcycle home eat. Went to the door Xidan Joy City, Zhang to return spray, spray side of the bus,http://www.vegeta.jp/cgi-bin/recipe/noahbbs.cgi?sessionid=&thr_num=1&namae=&email=&mode=paging&prev=0&next=11&pstart=0, she said, stopping too dangerous, Zhang said nothing, wanted to play.
According to the 608 side of a bus driver, said he was driving suddenly felt eyes rolling,http://mydo.dream-c.com, his voice tight,http://airplug.cocolog-nifty.com, they quickly put the car parked on the roadside to find the police, the car was filled with passengers, we are not sure people are from the taste Where's.
FAN 109 bus drivers,louboutin donna, said the line to the Xidan intersection south bus station, a passenger said the smell floated from the outside back position by passenger bus that was to pepper spray, he ordered the car parked on the roadside wait for the police.
109 passengers prove, when she was standing, her daughter sat, she found her daughter looked up gasping for air, she quickly let her mouth with mineral water,http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=111&page=%3C,tiffany bracciali, but her daughter was not breathe, could not speak, she would report the police.
102 road passenger said the bus was waiting for lights, a male passenger head flashed suddenly scolded scolded head out the window,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/red-one/ik-0041.html, then spread a white smoke in the car, feeling choked eyes,scrape hogan, spicy throat,Piumini moncler outlet, he saw the car within two riding a motorcycle flashed.
Trial, Zhang pleaded guilty.
The court found that Zhang to operations, irritating gas sprayed inside cars traveling in the bus, has constituted a dangerous crime of endangering the public safety. Given that it can truthfully confessed, a certain show repentance, may be given a lighter punishment and probation.